Carefuly Picked​

Our Farms in Al Madina Al Munwarah Region growing with care and state of Art Technology.


To provide the Highest Quality
Products and Services.

Produce high-quality Date types, where they are using the latest techniques in the cultivation of palm and applying appropriate methods to protect palm trees that aim to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides.

Apply the latest agricultural standards to get the highest standards of target and required results as it uses modern methods of irrigation (by drips to conserve water resources), pollination & fertilizers in order to enable us to produce the best types of dates fruit.

During the process our dates packaging used gloves and masks to avoid the dates from any pollution and by this preventive way, Aneesah Farms became the most famous dates producer in the rest of the Saudi Arabia regions.

Hand Picked Dates

Our Discovery​

Dates are a nutrition that is quickly digested and absorbed by the human body. 

Eating dates bring about relaxation, tranquility and relief nerves, Thus, if one is nervous and eating dates bring about relaxation, tranquility and relief nerves, Thus, if one is nervous and in a bad mood, dates together with other vegetables and fruits such as apricots, carrots, spinach, and nuts will contribute to the addition of activeness, tranquility, and body motion.

Dates are excellent natural laxative due to its contents of cellulose fibers. Dates also activate the digestive secretion, protect against constipation and stabilize acidity in the stomach and blood.

Source: (Most popular date varieties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Second Edition 2011 – Ministry of Agriculture.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to ensure the profitable growth of our products through innovation and excellence.

Our customers, by offering fresh premium products and efficient service while continuing to build a sustainable lasting relationship with them. Our employees, by providing a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation and knowledge sharing. The Continuous improvement of our skills and performances is the sound guarantor of the success of our mission.

Farms Collection

Grown With Love On Our Farms​

Dates are considered the richest nutritional substances, as it supplies the human body with the calories necessary for movement and activities due to their high contents of sugars which reach about 80% calculated on the basis of the weight of fresh dates.

The Founder


Abdul Rahman Omar Abdul Rahman Alattas

CEO & Founder of the Company

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